What We Do

There is a natural tendency for an organisation to keep functioning in a certain way regardless of whether or not it is moving towards its goals. This is clear from Newton's 1st law of motion.

In order for organisations to achieve their goals there is the need for an external driving force. People make up the organisation and they are the ones therefore that need to be propelled. We at Box & Cedar have found the key that acts as the external force and this is "Corporate talent management". Our HR Management Framework helps you to put in structures to enable you manage your talent.

As Newton states, the force that will propel a mass forward must be a greater force. We agree with this and believe our "Stimulating" interventions act as a greater intellectual force that will propel first, the talent who will in turn propel the company towards its goals.

Talent sometimes are apprehensive of change and we have tools especially the 3 X 3 which comes under our sieving bouquet of products that will help you step by step through the change process ensuring minimum resistance. Newton's laws of motion help us understand our client and also help us measure our impact on them.

Our Products

We have distilled our products into what we call the 3S- Sourcing, Sieving and Stimulating


  • Organogram design
  • Job description design
  • People specification design
  • Manpower planning
  • Executive selection
  • Headhunt
  • Outsourcing


  • Selection by testing /Assessment Center
  • Skills audit
  • Employee attitude surveys
  • Focus group sessions


  • Strategy and team building retreat
  • Performance management design
  • HR framework development
  • Training
  • Manpower planning
  • Communication strategy
  • HR policies and procedure manual
  • Culture design and nurturing
  • HR systems and strategy
  • HR process mapping and flow chart